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5 Illegals Allowed To Stay In TX Make ENTIRE Town Regret It After Cops Find What They Left Behind

A new story is emerging about a horrifying crime that was recently committed by a handful of illegals, the very same people that those on the left advocate for.

A young woman’s life was cut short after what was done to her by 5 men in Grant County, Washington, all who were here illegally. Authorities are just now releasing the details of the woman’s murder, afer making arrests for the crime that was committed back in December.

Via Breitbart:

Gustavo Tapia Rodriguez, Ambrosio Mendez Villanueva, Julio Mendez Villanueva, Fernando Marcos Gutierrez, and Salvador Espinoz a Gomez were all charged with both murder in the first degree, and kidnapping in the first degree, all that will hopefully get them put away for life.

Jill Sunberg’s sister has spoken out publicly since the arrests were made, where she and her family continue to demand that justice is carried out on the 5 illegals who brutally murdered Jill.

This is another reason why we need stronger border control and to prevent these illegals from coming into this country and committing such horrible crimes.