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President Trump Takes Time to Eat Lunch with Troops, Gives Amazing Piece of Advice

President Donald Trump sat down to eat lunch at a Florida military base with U.S. troops.

He asked them what they thought about Sundays Super Bowl, and enjoyed a friendly conversation.

One senior officer said that most at the table joined after the September 11th terrorist attacks. Trump then asked each of them if they intended on turning their service into a career. All but one said “yes,” while one man was still unsure.

President Trump replied to the one man who was unsure about his career plans that he should stay, because he will like the military more now that Trump’s in charge.

Then, a senior officer said Trump has been a great “recruiting officer” for the military.

You can watch the entire meeting below:

Afterwards, you can see how supportive the troops and their families were, as President Trump addressed the members of U.S. Central Command. Trump opined, “I want every military family to know that our administration is at your service. We stand with you 100 percent. We will never, ever let you down.”

Trump also noted it is his “highest duty” to make sure the women and men serving in the military are safe.