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CNN Caught Faking News AGAIN! Use Completely False Photo You Have to See to Believe

There’s a reason why CNN is struggling in the ratings department.

Case in point: On Monday, the news outlet released an image of eight former top U.S. officials who supposedly support the opposition to President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban.

The image included a picture of John McLaughlin, host of the “The McLaughin Group” public affairs show, who died last year. Presumably CNN meant to post a picture of the former CIA Director of the same name.

So they got the wrong guy, and he was dead too. The mistake didn’t go unnoticed.

Some people criticized the network for promoting fake news:

This is a poor error, and no news outlet should be allowed to make this mistake.

The mainstream media not only paint themselves as professionals, they would like the world to believe they are the only ones qualified to bring the news to the people because blogs and alternative media aren’t reliable.

The truth is that CNN and other mainstream media sources are less qualified than many blogs and alternative media outlets because mainstream media personnel have been trained to create a narrative, not to  report unbiased fact. When creating a narrative becomes more important than telling the truth, little things like facts and details go out the window.

CNN likes to brag that it’s the world leader in online news and information delivery, but with the fake news it’s been peddling lately, it has become little more than a Trump-trashing outlet.