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Trump and Conway ‘Know’ Who Leaked Calls with World Leaders…And It’s Not Their Administration

The leak of transcripts from President Donald Trump’s phone calls with leaders in Mexico and Australia have raised serious questions about security.

On Saturday, President Donald Trump discussed his theory about the “disgraceful” leak with Fox News. He said:

“It’s a disgrace that they leaked because it’s very much against our country. It’s a very dangerous thing for this country.”

Fox News reported that Trump blamed “Obama people,” but didn’t give specifics as to why he believed that “holdovers” from the previous administration were responsible.

On Sunday, his senior advisor Kellyanne Conway made a similar statement, although with a bit more subtlety.

She didn’t “conclude” anything, but repeated the speculation she’s heard. Conway told Kurtz:

“Could be state department officials who are holdovers. It certainly isn’t Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his close advisers.”

Conway dismissed the notion that anyone within the current administration could be held accountable. She described the responsibility their positions hold:

“Those who serve the president are duty-bound to this country to not leak information that could jeopardize all of us.”

Based on the “major changes” described by Tillerson, Conway would expect to see new procedures applied to leaks within the State Department.

Conway also doesn’t believe that the leaks came from Mexico or Australia, saying the calls were “unflattering” for those leaders.