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ISIS-Loving Muslim Immigrant Threatens and Spits on Cops, Gets Taken Down Texas Style

Not all cops use deadly force when confronted with someone who is aggressive and needs to be put down, as the following story shows.

More and more we are hearing about profiling of Muslims and people from the Middle East. There are many on the Left that will tell you it is profiling.

But take a look at Wahib Sadek Hamed who was tearing down local streets in Arlington, Texas when he was stopped by police for reckless driving. Upon stopping, Hamed left his car and started to walk towards the officer, which was a very bad decision.

Reports say that it took 3 taser attempts to subdue the suspect. When he was arrested, he said he supports ISIS.

The video above mentions an AK-47, a shotgun, and a handgun along with 200 rounds of ammunition.

This is what happens when people are blindly let into the country without proper vetting.

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