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Ouch! Tamron Hall Finds out She Is Getting the Boot from NBC Slot Just Moments before Going Live

In the past few weeks, it was reported that Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly decided to leave the Network to pursue a role at NBC:

When news of Kelly’s departure was released, it was unclear what time slot she would get.

Well, we now know – and it is at the expense of NBC host Tamron Hall:

This past Friday, right before Hall was scheduled to go on the 9 a.m. hour of “Today,” she was told that her contract would be finished at the end of the month and Kelly would be replacing Hall and her co-host Al Roker.

Hall was very hurt and offended.

A source close to Hall told People that the co-host was incredibly surprised, considering her show reached the number one spot for the last several weeks:

“Tamron has been anchoring all over the network in the past few weeks, filling in for Savannah Guthrie and for Lester Holt in addition to MSNBC.

And just a few days ago, she received an email from the executive producer congratulating the 9 a.m. team for being No. 1 for the last seven weeks. Then on Friday, minutes before going on MSNBC they told her that she and Al are being taken off the air.”


“She couldn’t believe they told her right before she had to go on air. She was definitely shocked.”

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Despite that, Hall kept her composure while on air, acting as if nothing happened.

While NBC nudged Hall and Roker out of their time slot, they didn’t want Hall to be gone for good.

After the news, Hall was offered a new contract to appear as a cohost on the “Today” show.

However, after being moved from her slot so unceremoniously, Hall seems to want nothing to do with NBC.

Despite being offered a multi-million dollar contract, Hall turned it down:

The source explained:

“She was offered a lot of money to stay…a new multi-year, multi-million dollar deal to stay at the Today show and MSNBC and she turned it down.

She doesn’t currently have another offer, but her contract was up. And they offered her a new deal.”

In a farewell statement, Hall stated:

“The last 10 years have been beyond anything I could have imagined, and I’m grateful. I’m also very excited about the next chapter. To all my great colleagues, I will miss you and I will be rooting for you.”

Hall formally announced her departure with the network Wednesday. While Hall has been cordial with everyone in public, an insider says that behind doors there is “bad blood.”

MSNBC later released this statement after Hall announced she was leaving:

“Tamron is an exceptional journalist, we valued and enjoyed her work at ‘Today’ and MSNBC and hoped that she would decide to stay.

We are disappointed that she has chosen to leave, but we wish her all the best.”

While it is unclear what Hall will be doing after she leaves next month, Roker will continue to report the weather on “Today.”

A source stated that NBC still considers Roker an “integral part of the show,” adding that he “has a long-term contract.”