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Budweiser Airs DISGUSTING Super Bowl Commercial Bashing President Trump, Now They’re Paying For It BIG TIME

Throughout the election, Donald Trump made promises that if he became president he would work to “make America safe again.”

Following President Trump’s temporary ban to keep un-vetted people out of the country, but the left has been calling the move as “racist” and “bigoted,” with Hollywood celebrities and left-leaning companies speaking out. Now one of America’s favorite beer companies, Budweiser, is jumping on the bandwagon, by releasing a Super Bowl commercial where they take a jab at the president.

But unfortunately for them, Americans aren’t having it. And in less than a day after their commercial began to air, karma started to smack them right where it hurts.

In the ad they try to compare Americans turning away unvetted migrants from the Middle East to the treatment of the company’s co-founder Adolphus Bussch when he came to America, by focusing on the fact that he was an immigrant. The ad starts with an actor who plays Busch being told “You’re not wanted here! Go back home!”


This is insane. There is no comparison between original immigrants to America, and the people from terror-ridden hotbeds demanding entry into the nation, many of them who are ISIS terrorists.

Strangely enough, after the commercial started to circulate, Budweiser started to panic, as their stocks started to drop overnight.


Budweiser has one freaking job to do, and it’s to make beer.