Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

When You Hear Mention of Clinton’s Popular Vote Total, Just Point Out This Fact

You’ve heard it several times that Hillary Clinton lost the election, but that it was unfair because she beat Donald Trump in the popular count by 3 million votes. The argument is that she would be president if not for the electoral college system.

Trump managed to gain much more of the area and garnered votes from several more counties that Clinton did. In fact, Trump managed to flip more than 200 counties that voted for Obama in 2012, while Clinton flipped only 30 counties that went Republican in 2012.

If Democrats got their wish and the election were decided by the popular vote, the result would be that people in very small and relatively affluent regions would effectively rule over the rest of the country. Presidential candidates wouldn’t need to make a single campaign stop outside of the urban hubs on the coast in order to win elections. The voices of citizens in the rest of the country, who have different concerns and incomes and perspectives, could be downplayed, ignored and effectively silenced.

This is exactly the kind of scenario the Founders were working to avoid when they designed the electoral college. The system forces candidates to more widely consider the interests of all Americans, rather than only zero in on the interests of a few populations scattered on the coast.