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Black Panthers with Loaded Weapons Just Showed Up to Courthouse, Watch What Happens NEXT…

Members of the Revolutionary Black Panthers assembled on the steps of the New Hanover County Courthouse in North Carolina for a press conference.

The press conference was meant to announce events they planned for the day, including an armed vigil.

They originally intended to have an armed march, but the police told them that they couldn’t have the guns in a public space.

However, they were still in trouble with the police who considered the courthouse a public space.


From Independent Journal Review:

WECT’s James Johnson was on the scene when New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office arrived towards the end of the event and seized 10 weapons from the group. Of the 10 weapons, there were 2 revolvers, 5 semi-automatic pistols, and 3 shotguns, all of which were loaded.

Revolutionary Black Panther members fully and peacefully cooperated with police, but the group’s leader, Dr. Alli Muhammad, claimed they were unfairly targeted. He told Time Warner Cable News:

“The actions of the Wilmington Police Department and the police chief are in essence a violation of the U.S. Constitution and our constitutional rights as well as our civil rights.”

Sheriff Ed McMahon said the group was in clear disregard of the local county ordinance by having weapons.