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Starbucks CEO Attacks President Donald Trump – Now Comes the Backlash

President Donald Trump is into week two of his administration, and he is seemingly on the road to fulfilling every campaign promises that he has made. Liberals are furious about the temporary ban on traveling from 7 majority-Muslim nations.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz denounced Trump’s Executive Orders, and responded that the company would hire at least 10,000 refugees during the next 5 years.

Schultz wrote in a letter to his employees, “We are living in an unprecedented time, one in which we are witness to the conscience of our country, and the promise of the American Dream, being called into question.”

But now, Starbucks just received bad news! According to Yahoo News, many customers are now boycotting the popular coffee chain for their shameful actions. As someone wrote on Facebook, “Upon hearing about your decision to hire 10,000 refugees instead of Americans I will no longer spend any money at Starbucks.”

Starbucks has done good work before by offering a program to hire veterans and provide tuition to veterans and their family members. This refugee hiring program, however, is an insult to President Trump and is a disgraceful mockery of reasonable steps designed to keep the country safe.