Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Vile Anti-Trump Teacher Gets Her A** Handed To Her After Secret Service Saw What She’s Showing Kids

When Donald Trump was elected, several media outlets claimed that those on the Left would simply be let down, while believing that if Clinton had won then Trump supporters would take to violence.

The New York Times reported that “Some Donald Trump supporters warn of revolution if Hillary Clinton is elected.” Vox warned that we could see civil violence targeting minorities if Hillary is elected – which is hilarious given the number of liberals (including Vox themselves) who warned that we’d see a wave of violence against minorities is elected because violent Trump supporters would feel validated by the victory.

The opposite happened though and Trump actually won. There was a wave of violence against his supporters after that and Trump’s victory was so upsetting that a teacher acted out an assassination of the main in class:

As Red State WTeatcher reported:

A teacher decided to symbolically shoot a Projector image of President Trump during the inauguration by using a squirt gun and screaming “die! die!”. It’s unknown from the video how many students were witness to it but it was a clearly despicable act that should not have happened and should not be tolerated.

Since the video has been posted, the Secret Service noted that they are “aware” of the video, as well as the school district she works at.

The video was posted on January 20 to the Instagram account of Payal Modi, identified as an art teacher at a Dallas school. She’s since made her Instagram private, for obvious reasons.

Good luck with her finding another job.