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Police Take MASSIVE ACTION Against Protestors Blocking Traffic

When a group of people were called to demonstrate by making it nearly impossible for the average American to get where they need to go, Portland, Oregon police responded quickly and with force.

In the video posted to Facebook, you can see officers dressed in riot gear approaching the protestors. As soon as they came near the individuals, you can seem them rush one man and knocking him to the ground. Three officers stood around him while the police dealt with the rest of the demonstrators.

Onlookers cheered the actions, with one man yelling “Take them all down!”


Six people from this demonstration were arrested, along with other arrests around town where more protests were taking place.

Some may view this as excessive force, but keep in mind that these demonstrations were held without permits and they organized the march without first consulting the city of Portland.

They claim that the police had broken up a larger protest against Trump, so the organizers decided to split the group up without letting anyone know where they were going.

Note that a separate, peaceful march occurred in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington D.C> and the police weren’t called, nor did they interfere.

There is a right and a wrong way to do things and these protesters definitely did things the wrong way.