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Debra Messing uses ridiculous selfie to stand with Muslims, wins internet’s ‘most self-obsessed’ instead

Debra Messing thought she was helping immigrants and Muslims with her empty gesture of creating a selfie and throwing around a hashtag.

Messing jumped to her Twitter feed to tweet out her “solidarity selfie” saying “#SolidaritySelfie I join the Virtual March in solidarity with Muslims and Immigrants. #NoBanNoWall.”

The gesture was so flat that thousands of Twitter users ripped her apart of the perceived arrogance of her actions.

Actors Nick Searcy and Adam Baldwin also sarcastically tweeted their “support” for Messing’s actions.

Others just slammed her with various tweets.

This isn’t the first time that Debra Messing made a national issue about herself. During Donald Trump’s inauguration, Messing posted a video on Twitter that made the inauguration into a platform to grandstand about how much she reveres the Constitution. But then deleted the entire thing.