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Ivanka Catches What NASTY Reporter Snuck Into Interview, Has PRICELESS Response To It

President Trump’s eldest daughter, who set her own businesses aside to campaign for her father, recently sat down with ABC news to discuss the journey and the future under her father.

Despite the claims of misogyny and sexual assault against him, Trump surrounded himself with the best women to aid in his presidency, which included his own daughter who has joined him in career and politics. He’s raised her to be a powerhouse and with an unapologetic opinion which was seen on her aired interview with ABC when the reporter came after her father.

Seeing how successful Trump’s daughter has become, it is ironic the reporter thought it was appropriate to say in the middle of the interview that Donald Trump hates women.

There were more women working for Trump than there were for Hillary Clinton who ran against him.

The reporter brought up the Women’s March back when it was poised to take place against her father. “You know there is going to be a march, a march with a lot of women who feel that your dad is going to set women back,” the reporter said before asking, “What do you say to those women?”

Ivanka responded by saying, “I say, give my father a chance…what he’s shown his entire life, is his support and advocacy for women.”

This isn’t the first time she has had to defend her father against the mainstream media on this issue and it probably won’t be the last.