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Trump Hotel Workers Aid Protester Having Heart Attack: INSTANTLY This Happens…

These protesters have no idea as to why they are protesting.

When a female protester suffered a heart attack in the middle of the protest in the street outside the Trump hotel, emergency crews raced with a defibrillator.

The crowd actually booed the man.

The officers were livid with the protesters, telling them “one of the protesters had a heart attack. They are trying to help!”

“You are booing,” the officer continued. “And they are trying to save one of you all’s life.”

The ambulance made its way through the crowd minutes later, while they tried to block the road and scream at them. Heat Street reports:

As the video shows, Women’s March participants targeted hotel guests, staffers and private security with accusations of racism as police officers struggled to keep the peace.

Protesters gave middle fingers to hotel guests peering out of windows above and hotel guests leaving the five-star hotel were singled out as “racists.”

“They all voted for Trump,” a woman explained to another protester.

The Trump Organization did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Heat Street Saturday. The status of the heart attack victim is unknown.