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This Liberal Celebrity Just Made The Most VILE Statement About Trump and His Daughter—Gets Nasty DOSE of KARMA

Hollywood has been known for being progressive.

Actress Ashley Judd spoke at the Women’s March where she read a poem and gave a very heated speech. She even considered running for Senate at one point. In her speech, she insinuated that the President has wet dreams about his own daughter.

The poem was one sent to her by a 19-year-old girl from her home state of Tennessee. Judd’s comments came after Michael Moore spoke to the crowd. She went on and called herself a nasty woman and mocked the “nasty woman” comment the President made about Hillary Clinton.

Some people on Twitter didn’t respond too kindly to the actresses comments and they took to social media to express their outrage:


Judd made the following comments during her speech where she discussed Ivanka Trump,

“I am not as nasty as your own daughter being your favorite sex symbol, like your wet dreams infused with your own genes.”

Throughout the campaign, some journalists made lewd comments about the relationship between the President and his daughter. They attacked his comments from The View where he said if he was not her father he would date her.