Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Ivanka Trump Won’t be Intimidated by Hillary-supporting Thugs

Donald Trump overcame all odds by defeating Hillary Clinton. His historic achievement has put his family under the spotlight, with Ivanka Trump becoming a prominent national figure and role model. At age 35, she has taken a step back from her leadership role in the Trump Organization to assist her father’s administration and volunteer.

Despite her being incredibly classy, Hillary voters have shown up at her home as she moves to Washington, D.C. Dozens of protesters showed up holding signs. One said, “Ivanka! Should I survive and believe in nothing too?” And another read, “Do not drop our rights.”

Another protestor’s sign said, “Dear Ivanka, please don’t forget to pack human decency.”

Anti-Trump activists brought cardboard boxes representing what they wanted the future First Daughter to bring as she and husband Jared Kushner relocate close to the White House, where Jared will work as a senior adviser.

Protesters urged Ivanka not to forget about Planned Parenthood, civil rights and climate change. One demonstrators had written on a sign: ‘Dear Ivanka, please don’t forget to pack human decency.’

Ivanka meanwhile seemed focused on enjoying a night out with her husband. She tweeted a photo of herself in Trump Tower Monday night, captioning it: ‘Bright lights, big city’ with the hashtag #datenight.

But while protestors try to intimidate and harass Ivanka and her family, Ivanka showed how she will always go high when liberals go low.

In response, Ivanka posted this on social media. Perfect!