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Jason Chaffetz Just Destroyed Every Trump-Hating Idiot Working for the Government

The Democrats will apparently do everything in their power to bash Trump and his presidency, through any means necessary. Luckily, there are guys like Jason Chaffetz to set things straight.

As the confirmations for the Trump cabinet continue, there are other pressing matters that are trying to be sneaked by without anyone noticing. This is where Chaffetz steps in. Recently, Walter Schaub, the director of the federal Office of Government Ethics, called Trump’s backing away from his businesses “meaningless.”

But that is far from the truth and Chaffetz took him to task over it:

“Chaffetz threatened to subpoena the official, Walter Shaub, if he refuses to participate in an official interview.

“He seems to be acting prematurely at best, without doing investigations or through looks,” Chaffetz said in an interview. “He’s rendering opinions publicly that really cause you to scratch your head. We need the Office of Government Ethics to act ethically. Ironically, that’s not what they’re doing.”

But it gets even better:

Shaub, an appointee of President Barack Obama, has been a frequent critic of the incoming administration’s ethics plans, peaking Wednesday when he called Trump’s newly unveiled conflicts of interest policy “meaningless.”

Chaffetz said Shaub has refused since the election to agree to a meeting to discuss matters related to OGE’s public remarks about Trump, as well as the Republican-led panel’s plans to pass language reauthorizing the office.

“We need a fair person behind the plate that’s going to call balls and strikes,” Chaffetz said. “What they’re supposed to do is help work with somebody to comply with the ethics requirements. But when you talk publicly about private conversations, that’s not ethical. And when you refuse to come in and talk to the committee when you’re doing reauthorization, when you start tweeting and issuing press statements on things you never looked at, that shouldn’t be the case at all.”

So instead of having a conversation, this “ethics” official was badmouthing Trump for the whole world to see.