Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Charles Krauthammer Has Figured Out What Obama Is Doing To Trump. And It Makes TONS Of Sense

With all of these last minute regulations and executive orders that Obama has been passing in the last weeks of his waning presidency, you have to wonder why is he even bothering. After all, most of this is going to be overturned once Donald Trump takes office.

Charles Krauthammer put forward that Obama and the Democrats are doing all this to make Trump’s first few days/weeks in office as difficult as tey can. Krauthammer called it “leaving behind as many landmines as they can.”

“All of a sudden, as we have seen, they’ve gotten interested in Russian cyber warfare, which the administration appeared to be extremely nonchalant about until they lost the November election.”

“Now, we’re going to have new investigations, meaning days and days of headlines,” he added, “about the other thing Democrats attribute their loss to, meaning Comey’s action with 11 days to go in which he re-opened the investigation.”

“Many Democrats think that’s why they lost. Now that would have faded into history. This is a way to say it’s not going to and it will remain there.”