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Ted Cruz Says No To Trump’s Offer For Supreme Court Justice

The Supreme Court is evenly matched right now with 4 conservatives and 4 liberals.

President-elect Donald Trump would like to make it5 conservatives. That would put conservatives in charge of all houses in the White House.

It was rumored that Donald Trump offered a seat on the Supreme Court to Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Most conservatives that Cruz was a good pick.

Perhaps another place at another time though as Cruz revealed hat he doesn’t want the job.

A friend of Cruz’s is quoted as saying, “I think the bottom line with Ted is that the monastic life of a Supreme Court justice is simply not something that appeals to him at this stage in his life and that’s notwithstanding the fact that he has already, in his young legal career, established himself as one of the nation’s premier Supreme Court advocates. But being on that side of the lectern is a different thing. He’s an advocate, he’s passionate about advancing the causes he believes in.”

There may be another reason Cruz turned down the Supreme Court position. At 45, Cruz is a young man. Who knows what his goals would be in 8 years. Perhaps he would like to run for President again.