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Punks Don’t Know Mom and Son Victims Are Security Guards, End up in Body Bags After Failed Robbery

There are many times when criminals will try to rob someone and find out all too late that the people they are holding up are more than willing to fight back.

Two criminals learned the hard way after they tried to rob two security guards sitting in a car outside The Grove Bar in Indianapolis. The two armed guards fought back, WISH reported.

The two security guards who were robbed turned out to be mother and son. After one of the robbers pulled a gun on the duo, the son pulled out his and shot and killed the two robbers.

“The two deceased walked up to the car, pulled a gun on the two security guards and said give me everything you have and they said we don’t have anything except the cellphone. He said give me your cellphone,” Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley explained.

Sadly, one of the two robbers was only 14 years old. Even worse, according to reports from scene he was the one who actually pulled the gun on the two security guards, the Indianapolis Star reported.

The other robber killed was Seth A. Easley, 29.

Buckley stated that charges against the security guards were unlikely.

This shooting shocked the local community, but it also underscored how young people are being increasingly drawn into lives of crime and are suffering the consequences, WXIN noted.

It is sad to learn that a 14-year-old had been corrupted to the point where he felt he had no qualms about pulling a gun out during a robbery.

It is equally tragic that the security guard was forced to kill a teenager to defend himself and his mother, but we’re glad they were there and able to exercise their constitutional right to self-defense.