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Man Who Harassed Ivanka on Plane Gets Taste of His Own Medicine & What Happens Is Poetic Justice

When Matthew Lasner and his husband Dan Goldstein decided to track down and harass Ivanka Trump in late December, the couple probably had no clue of the firestorm they were going to create.

The incident between the two men and Ivanka Trump – who was traveling on a JetBlue flight with her young son – quickly went virla, sparking a heated debate about whether or not Goldstein and Lasner were justified in their behavior.

In a clip that aired on his new show last week, Fox News’s Jesse Watters confronted Goldstein on the streets of Brooklyn — eager to learn whether he now regrets his decision to harass “a woman with her baby on a flight.”

Though Watters seemed to have pulled out all the stops to get a comment out of Goldstein, the encounter was similar to an ‘interview’ the two married men gave shortly after that infamous incident with Ivanka Trump.

In the end, it seems that harassing an unsuspecting victim – and then broadcasting it to the world – can be a very different experience when you’re on the receiving end.