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High Ranking LA County Sheriff Reveals United Nations Plan For Global Police Force

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is the 2nd largest police force. The only police force to outnumber it is the New York PD. A high ranking LA County Sheriff was asked a series of questions in an interview with Truth and Action and the answers might be alarming:

Have you heard of the Strong Cities Network, and if yes, what is your understanding of it?

Yes, I have.  First let me say that I want to caution people to not over react.  Some of this stuff is scary, as in terms of American sovereignty.  And many good people in Law Enforcement are totally not aware of what is going on yet.  That being said, what I know of it, it is being packaged as a “tool” for our Departments to help us with “violent extremism” and it is not OK to label it having to do with Islam or Muslims at all-around here if you want to keep your job, you can not use those terms.  

But if you read the official paperwork that has come across my desk, if you read between the lines-it seems as if this is a way for the UN to insinuate itself into “partnering” with foreign police forces, connected by the UN, to form some type of global policing.  Its all in the name of sharing information, you know it is all “we want to help”–we, we want to give you the opportunity to be in on the cutting edge of what Law Enforcement in the future is going to evolve into.  But to me, its inserting foreign bodies into our individual departments, which to me, well-who is going to be the boss?  They are.  It’s something I thought I’d never see…..

Ok, what part of it is most troubling to you?  And do you think this UN Strong Cities could really affect American citizens negatively?

I think it all has to do with the Muslims, and the increased number that are here, and will be coming.  The language is very liberal leaning, well its the UN, and the scary part to me is that the UN is very pro-Muslim, and very anti-Christian, anti-semitic.   Keeping that in mind, this violent extremism, since it can not be Muslim to the UN, well then who is it?  Who are they really talking about?  Right?  I think its an attack on our Judeo-Christian culture-and any, I mean anyone who dares not go along with the UN’s view of how the world should be policed, well if they have bypassed the Congress, and they have with this-I guess this means people who won’t go along with Muslims taking over their communities-now with this refugee crisis, I worry the number that may end up here-they do not want to assimilate .   You have to know the UN.  Go over to the UN website and read up on their views-on the Agenda 21 stuff-its all right there.  

This is just the “police force” plan that will be used to bring that into being.  I think the US is in trouble.  But I also like to see hope, I personally know many, many deputies when they are made aware of what this is really –will not go along.  First we are Americans-we have families. Our parents and grandparents came here-but they wanted to be Americans-right?  They wanted to learn the language, raise their kids to love the US as they did.  We don’t see this with the Muslims.

I would say at its zenith-its worst, this could be like Nazi Germany.  Except the “Jews” in this scenario would be the Christians, Jews–anyone- a Patriot who speaks out against Islam taking over their community.  They’ll end up in jail.  It will start there. And- and there is stuff in there about “dialogue” the need to make these “violent extremists” to be -well they did not use this word but to me it meant re-educate them.   

Do you think this could happen soon?  

I think like anything they wait for a crisis.  They need a crisis, with people in the streets screaming for help–like with our LA riots here-so I have seen it.   There is no need to do anything right now, first they have to somewhat come in here and get us on board, make relationships, seem harmless.  But what is strange is that this year they have this other DOJ program called “Violence Reduction Network”-and this is just my take but it seemed to me as a way that the DOJ was inserting itself into the most violent cities in the Country-into the inner working, posing as “helping, dialogue, community” you know-all the buzz words for the UN and liberals who want to take over.  Funny thing-guess what city is one of the 10?

Compton ?

Yep.  I think they are testing those cities.  Gathering information.  I don’t have all the answers.  I have really very few.  This is just what I think, and I can not talk to many, just those I trust, for right now.  I want to leave on a good note to your readers.  Most, like 99% of all the deputies I know will not be willing go along with policing their own people in this fashion.  The problem will be they will think (I’m talking nationwide) either it isn’t what it is-or like in Nazi Germany, some were brainwashed, most were scared-scared for their families.  But this is not exactly the same thing.  I want to say if this does happen, you will see a great number of cops walk away, but then it seems they will have foreign police coming in-at the most extreme example. And I really think America will fight back, if it ever comes to that-it does sound “out there”.  Just stay vigilante, and get your news from, well, not the main stream bozos.  God Bless.