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CNN Tries Slight Trump To Gene Simmons, It Backfires Miserably

Gene Simmons spoke up about the current state of politics and he made some rather good points about it.

The frontman for KISS appeared on CNN this week with Don Lemon, the host of the CNN Tonight show. Lemon could not get Simmons to agree to his somewhat insult about his friend, Donald Trump.

Though Simmons acknowledged that Trump could be ungentlemanly, he refused to take the bait of the overanxious CNN host.

What he said was something that all American’s should hear, “Americans should vote their conscience.”

During the interview with Lemon, instead of giving into the hatred of Donald Trump, he replied by saying that “what you see is what you get,” which placed a verbal wall in front of Don Lemon’s juvenile attempts to get him to talk trash. It almost plays out like a scene from a teen movie.

While Simmons doesn’t rather agree with Donald Trump’s immigration ideas, he does understand the fear that Americans have of the number of illegal immigrants flooding into the country.

Simmons knows that his opinion won’t move people simply because he’s a musician. Instead he acknowledged Trump’s more questionable traits, but believes the man to be an upstanding guy.