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Ted Cruz Steals the Show at Jeff Sessions Hearing with a Pummeling for Democrats That Has to be Seen

On Tuesday, the Senate kicked off confirmation hearings for President-elect Trump’s cabinet appointees.

Jeff Sessions, Trump’s choice for U.S. Attorney General, faced intense scrutiny from several Democrats, including Senator Al Franken. Franken challenged Sessions’ record and even accused him of lying about his accomplishments.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz felt compelled to defend Sessions’ character.

Addressing the nominee, Cruz said:

“Senator Franken engaged you in a discussion that I think was intended to undermine your character and integrity. And in particular, Senator Franken suggested that you had somehow misrepresented your record.

It is unfortunate to see members of this body impugn the integrity of a fellow senator with whom we’ve served with for years. It is particular unfortunate when that attack is not backed up by the facts.”

Then, Cruz decided to lay into those who oppose Sessions, but failed to hold the Obama Department of Justice accountable when it broke the law.