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Gay Teacher and Husband Sexually Assaulted 8 Students…

This story is sadly about an elementary school teacher who dressed gayly. He was a 40-year-old man who was gay. He and his husband happen to have also been accused of sexual assault. Eight times. Turns out the charges leveled against were true:

[Babbitt and Deyo] did not live to see any criminal charges against them. They were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide – shortly after they found out they were being investigated for sexual abuse.

A 16-year-old boy told police he had been sexually assaulted… Shortly after, investigators spoke to two more victims. All of them told police that Babbitt and Deyo had sexual contact with them after giving them alcohol and marijuana. They also suspect something had been slipped into their drinks because they felt almost completely impaired after consuming only a small amount. In most instances, the teens felt pressured to have sex or were too intoxicated to consent.

The 16-year-old told police Babbitt mentored him after he came out as gay to his parents. The other teenager, said the same. The transgender teen told police Babbitt and Deyo were her mentors as she was transition to female…

The couple suicide to get out of the whole ordeal, citing the “ridicule and hatred” they knew they’d be destined to from the justice system. So see, they killed themselves to escape your intolerance and bigotry for not understanding their lifestyle. How dare you.

Victims until the very end. How gay of them. Never mind the kids destined to lives of traumatic memories and emotional issues. Ah well.

Apparently, Mr. and Mr. Fashion Fairy scampered off on weekend getaways with students on multiple occasions Babbitt was well trusted among the parents, a trust they are likely now regretting. Too little, too late. Even for the now dead perpetrators. Gag. Behold, terrible parenting at play…

Maybe leaving one’s boychild unattended with two man-loving men wasn’t the best idea. But extra tolerance points to those parents for doing so.