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Judge SMACKS Racist Thugs With BAD News, Then Blindsides Them With Something Better

This Chicago judge completely steamrolled these four thugs who kidnapped and tortured a white disabled guy and streamed it on Facebook live.

The judge denied them bail.

Right Wing News reports – Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil denied bail to the four thugs in Chicago that kidnapped and tortured an 18 year-old mentally impaired white boy.The grandmother of the two sisters in the video was caught on camera and apologized for what the girls did. Sorry, not good enough. They streamed the brutality live on Facebook and demanded $300 in ransom from the boy’s family. Mean and stone stupid… they sat in court showing no emotion at all. I saw previous pics where at least one of the girls was crying. No sympathy whatsoever here. They are charged with two counts of committing a hate crime — one because of the victim’s race and the other because of his mental disabilities. The four suspects were identified as Brittany Covington and Tesfaye Cooper, both of Chicago, and Jordan Hill, of suburban Carpentersville. All are 18. A fourth suspect was identified as Covington’s 24 year-old sister, Tanishia Covington, also of Chicago.Their defense attorneys painted the suspects as hardworking, responsible and religious. Cooper, for example, takes care of his twin brother, who is in a wheelchair. Tanishia Covington has two small children. Her sister attends college and has a job. Hill, the judge was told, goes to church with his grandmother. All four have experienced brushes with the law, some for serious and violent crimes.

The grandmother was very wise to apologize. She knows that this was a terrible crime that shocked the nation and could ruin the life of a man who was already suffering from a mental disability.

No one deserves what happened to that young man. This was an inhumane act and the judge and jury should be nothing short of harsh with their punishment.