Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Putin Steals Michelle Obama Line and Used It to Humiliate Barack

On the campaign trial, first lady Michelle Obama tried to portray presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the Democrats as a party of morals and dignity. “Our motto is: when they go low, we go high,” she said back in July, according to MSNBC.

It didn’t work, especially when everyone heard the “basket of deplorables” remark and saw the DNC emails from WikiLeaks.

However, Obama’s line was good for someone: Vladimir Putin. While the matter of his stealing the DNC’s emails to embarrass Hillary Clinton and the Democrats is still a matter of considerable debate, on Thursday, he decided to steal Michelle’s ideas to verbally embarrass Obama.

According to Fox News, Putin said that he would not expel American diplomats in response to the Obama administration’s expulsion of Russian diplomats, with Fox News suggesting he would take the “high road.”

“Although we have the right to retaliate, we will not resort to irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy but will plan our further steps to restore Russian-U.S. relations based on the policies of the Trump administration,” Putin said Friday.

“We will not expel anyone,” he added. “We will not prevent their families and children from using their traditional leisure sites during the New Year’s holidays. Moreover, I invite all children of U.S. diplomats accredited in Russia to the New Year and Christmas children’s parties in the Kremlin.”

That’s right, he basically just said “when they go low, we go high.”

The Russian embassy also tweeted that a special flight would be dispatched to pick up the 35 diplomats ejected Thursday from the United States.