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DNI Chief James Clapper Says Russia Was Responsible For Hacking, ‘Classical Propaganda,’ ‘Disinformation’ And ‘Fake News’

The Armed Services Committee is holding a hearing on the alleged Russian hacks and cybersecurity.

Sen. John McCain opened up the hearing and said that the purpose isn’t to undermine the results of the election. They simply want Americans to have all of the appropriate facts.

“The goal…is not to question the outcome of the presidential election. Nor should it be. As both President Obama and President-elect Trump have said, our nation must move forward. But we must do so with full knowledge of the facts,” McCain said.

He basically said he doesn’t want the hearing to be viewed as an attempt to delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency.

McCain also asked the panel if Julian Assange had any credibility. They all said no.

DNI Chief James Clapper said that the intelligence community plans to release an unclassified version of its report on the alleged Russian interference “early next week,” but he doesn’t want to speak out on the issue any further.

“We plan to brief the Congress and release an unclassified version of this report to the public next week with due deference to highly sensitive sources and methods,” Clapper told lawmakers. “We’re not really prepared to discuss this beyond standing by our earlier statements.”

At least though, Clapper did admit that Russia didn’t hack into voting machines or change vote tallies.

“They did not change any vote tallies or anything of that sort,” Clapper said. “We have no way of gauging the impact that — certainly the Intelligence Community can’t — the choices that the electorate made. There’s no way for us to gauge.”