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Democrats PANIC as Trump Prepares to Flip Most Liberal Appeals Court

What Barbara Boxer might call a “state of emergency,” many would call “good news.”

In declaring a “judicial emergency,” the Leftist California Senator is referring to the four-seat vacancy in the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the nation’s most liberal and most overturned in the nation.

There are a total of 29 judges on the court and while a vacancy of four might not seem like a “judicial emergency,” but it is the largest judicial district in the country and they have a massive caseload. They receive about 10,000 to 12,000 cases per year and are able to decide on roughly 6,000. The district encompasses nine states, Washington, Hawaii, Alaska, California, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Nevada.

KQED News reports:

With time running out to confirm Judge Lucy Koh and the other vacancies unfilled, it’s increasingly likely President-elect Donald Trump will be able to reshape the influential court.

University of Richmond Law Professor Carl Tobias emphasized the importance of the 9th Circuit, saying it’s the largest in the nation by far, and it therefore has an outsized influence. It takes up cutting-edge cases, many of which arise from California, but also from the other states. But, Tobias noted, the Supreme Court reverses the court at a fairly high rate.

As far as how President-elect Trump may influence the court, Tobias says: “I think even in the Obama years the court has moved to be more moderate than it used to be, so I think that with those four appointments it could make some difference and move the court further in that direction.”

It’s possible that Obama could make a recess appointment of Judge Koh, but that doesn’t seem likely.

What looks more likely is that the nation’s biggest, most influential, most overturned and most liberal appeals court in the country is about to get a big dose of Donald Trump.

Many people believe this could be a very good thing for the nation: