Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Trump needed to get one more thing off his chest about the election – so, he tweeted it, naturally

Donald Trump goes against liberal mainstream media once again.

Trump said that contrary to what the media has been saying, he knew he was going to win a week before the election.

“Various media outlets and pundits say that I thought I was going to lose the election. Wrong,” Trump tweeted.

In the months leading up to the election, the media bleated biased polls around the clock showing Trump had no chance to win. But the billionaire repeatedly pointed to the massive turnouts at his rallies (compared to the anemic turnouts at Clinton’s) as proof that he had strong support among voters.

The mainstream press dismissed him, saying rally turnouts don’t translate into voting turnouts. Of course, MSM turned out to be dead-wrong.

Trump said he became certain he was going to win the minute Hillary Clinton canceled her “victory” fireworks show on November 7.

No one knows why Trump is rehashing his victory now, but it isn’t surprising that he is annoyed by the mainstream media narrative that he was unprepared for the presidency because he never thought he had a chance.

Given that Trump had reportedly spent $66 million of his own money on his campaign, it’s absurd to say he never thought he had a chance. The only people who said the billionaire would NEVER win were the media and dubious pollsters. And we saw how that worked out.

The media’s insistence on using skewed polls to (unsuccessfully) influence voters made fools of once-revered statisticians.