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This Army General Unleashed Hell on Obama and Islam On Live TV. I Can’t Look Away

As President Obama continues to allow Islamic refugees into the nation as opposed to Christian ones, as well as defending Islam and saying its ideologies aren’t malicious, someone has decided to call him out on his words.

Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters went on Fox News after John Kerry condemned ISIS for committing genocide against religious minorities such as Christians, in the Middle East.

While you’d think that is a good thing, Peters put the entire Obama administration and their rhetoric firmly in its place.

Peters said the reluctance up until now exposed how the Obama administration as a whole views Islam and Christianity.

“This administration still romanticizes Islam,” he said. “It still finds Christians somehow distasteful. It’s almost as if the administration feels Christians have no real right to be in the Middle East. And Christians were there a long time before Muslims were – six centuries.”

“I just believe it’s time for action,” he added. “I think this is something worth fighting for, but obviously the administration doesn’t.”