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Ronda Rousey Just Got Taken to the Mat Again, This Time Over Her ‘White Privilege’…

Everyone came to see Ronda Rousey make a comeback during UFC 207. After a devastating defeat last year from challenged Holly Holm, Rousey was determined to reclaim her title.

But after just 48 seconds in the octagon with Amanda Nunes, Rousey was given her second defeat in as many fights.

Before Rousey even had time to recover, she became victim to one attack after another, not just in the Octagon, but outside on social media as well.

Several people took issue with the fact that Rousey, who spent quite a bit of time marketing herself outside of the fighting arena, walked away with a large amount of money despite her loss – and laid the blame on Rousey’s ‘white privilege:’

But there is one thing that Rousey’s critics are missing: she isn’t exactly white. Rousey’s heritage is mixed — she has called herself “half Venezuelan, a quarter English, a quarter polish, 100% American,” and although some question her percentages, the ethnic mix is very real.

Rousey’s great-grandfather was Alfred Earnest Waddell, a native of Trinidad and Tobago (islands just 5 miles from the Venezuelan coast) — was a social activist and one of the first black physicians in the United States. Her great-grandmother, Amelia Castillo, was Venezuelan.

Rousey’s mother, a judoka champion in her own right, has dedicated years of her life to activism, as well, in support of Native American causes.

Let it be noted that once again random people on Twitter aren’t the best place to go for facts. Not only that, but it isn’t necessarily a representation of how a majority of people think.

Most of these people are horribly uninformed of how marketing works or the UFC or what a person’s personal brand brings to the table when it comes to being paid, but instead they just want to see a fight.

Also, a lot of people making these comments are usually prone to making uninformed racial comments so it is not as if this is anything new to them.

The best thing to do for people like this is to not give them attention, but instead ignore them and follow those who actually know what they are talking about.