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Apps to Help You Maintain a Budget

Creating and maintaining your budget are two different aspects that heavily rely on each other. This is why you need a program that does not only help you create a budget but also helps you maintain your budget. 

Research shows that you are 42% more likely to meet your budget when you keep noting it down. Making is a tried and tested way to save money from traveling, putting down payment on a home, or just purchasing other things of value and substance.

Creating a budget helps you take a look at what you have coming in, how much you are spending, and what you save. Breaking down all financial aspects of your life helps you go through every aspect one by one. While keeping up with a notebook may be harder than you think, there are applications that can help you maintain your budget. 



Mint was established back in 2006 and is considered to be one of the best budget applications. The application offers you a complete overview of your finances and helps you link your bank accounts and credit cards to help you keep track of your expenses. It does not matter if you have spent a few cents on candy, it will be accounted for. Moreover, once your bank accounts are linked the application will take a look at your spending and come up with a personalized budget. Along with many other features that can help you start a new financial chapter of your life.


EveryDollar is designed to help you save time and money. The application understands that you do not have time to take on long budget plans, yet wish for a more organized system. To help you out the application takes you through a few steps and can help you determine your budget in the first 10 minutes. Once you have set the application up you can easily keep track of all your money-related transactions in one place. Creating a more conscious spending system that helps you stay on track.

YNAB (You Need a Budget)

YNAB is based on the four rules of budgeting and can help offer support in such harsh times. There is no need to spend hours creating budgets when you can let the application adapt to the situation. Apart from offering you a place where you can keep track of your income and spending, you can learn more ways to create a smart saving solution. One that teaches you various budget-friendly solutions using live workshops.


Designed for cash style budgeting the application is much like putting cash in various envelopes. While you may not be able to carry your envelopes around, Mvelopes offers you virtual assistance in the process. Making sure you know exactly where your money is heading and how it will be utilized in the future helps you hold your hand. Creating a more conscious spending setting lets you see which envelope you are cutting down from, taking you a step away from your plans and dreams. 

Final Thoughts

These applications can be downloaded on your smartphone and are available to you at all times. A single click can help you go through your budget, and help you get a sense of where you are heading. Keeping up with today’s demands we suggest you choose one of these applications and start living a budget-friendly life. One that allows you to ensure basic needs, and help you build a life that you have been dreaming about.