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Second State Dept Employee Refuses GOP Questions on Clinton Server

Loyalty to Hillary, or fear of Hillary?

A State Department staffer who oversaw security and technology issues for Hillary Clinton is refusing to answer Senate investigators’ questions about the former secretary of state’s use of a private email server — marking the second time an ex-State employee has declined to talk to lawmakers. The other employee, Bryan Pagliano, eventually was granted immunity from criminal prosecution and is reportedly singing like a canary to investigators.

John Bentel, a conveniently now-retired State employee who managed IT security issues for the top echelon at the Department, declined to be interviewed by GOP staff on the Senate Judiciary and Homeland Security committees. The chairmen of both committees are now threatening to consider other ways to compel him to discuss the matter. One possible avenue is a subpoena. Bentel could also be granted immunity.

“We are troubled by your refusal to engage with the committees even after repeated overtures of accommodation,” a letter to Bentel from the chairmen reads. “We need to speak with you. We would, of course, prefer that you meet with us in a voluntary and informal manner, but we will consider other options if faced with a continuing lack of cooperation.”

Bentel’s lawyer did not reply to a request from Politico for comment, but the recent letter notes that Bentel told House Benghazi investigators last year he did not recall the server matter.

Oh Hillary, you are going to have to deal with this sooner or later, and you can bet your friend Donald Trump is not going to let you forget it. The email scandal isn’t going away. Republican investigations will continue through the spring at least, likely longer towards the summer conventions, even as the FBI conducts its own investigations.

It will be a long, hot, summer.