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Trump Cracks Down On Liberal Government Overspending In “A New Chapter Of American GREATNESS”

In his new budget blueprint released on Thursday morning, Trump lived up to his administration’s promise to cut back on frivolous spending in the government and focus on agencies that are more important, like the military and the funding for the border wall.

‘We will begin a new chapter of American greatness,’ Trump said in an introduction to the document that puts ‘America first.’

In the America First document, there are major budget cuts to most of the departments except for Defense, Homeland Security, and the VA.

The Daily Mail reports:

Trump’s proposal makes significant cuts to the Health and Human Services’ and the State Department’s budgets to fund his border wall and the military build-up he’s been promising.

State is being slapped with a nearly 29 percent reduction that’s intended for its foreign aid division, a $10.9 billion dollar decrease from the current fiscal year.

HHS will lose out on $15.1 billion in funds, a 17.9 percent overall decrease, if Trump’s budget is approved in its current form by Congress.

The Environmental Protection Agency is facing a $2.6 billion curtailment – 31 percent of its current funding.

Trump is proposing the dramatic cuts to some agencies so he can put $2.8 billion more toward immigration enforcement in 2018, $2.6 billion of which is being set aside for his border wall, and appropriate an additional $54 billion to defense spending without adding to the federal deficit.

The liberals will be especially be sad to see go is the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, which supports the PBS and NPR. Their budget is being phased out entirely.