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U.S. Navy Sailor Sent to Prison for Taking Pictures of Submarine Asks Trump for Pardon

Kristian Saucier, a former machinist on the submarine USS Alexandria, was sent to prison for taking photographs of classified engine compartments. Last August, Saucier pleaded guilty to taking six pictures of classified areas on the submarine with his cell phone. He was sentenced to one year in prison.

In filing for a pardon, Saucier cited former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in his request, claiming that he was treated too harshly. Saucier claims that federal prosecutors and investigators were harder on him because of the attention Hillary Clinton’s email scandal was receiving.

“While my conduct in taking the six photos was admittedly wrong and without excuse, the Department of Justice’s heavy-handed response to my misconduct was certainly a product of the scrutiny brought about by a fervent political climate and not by the gravity of my misconduct,” Saucier explained in his petition.

He believes that if it wasn’t for the high level of attention Clinton’s mishandling of classified material was receiving, he would have received a significantly lower form of punishment.

Saucier admits what he did was wrong. Did he intend to break the law? Probably not. Why should he be punished to a greater extent than Hillary when her crimes were much worse?
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