Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Dem Strategist: Hey, Bernie Sanders Might Even Win Iowa And New Hampshire


This morning on This Week, Democratic strategist Maria Cardona lowered the bar for Hillary Clinton. In fact, she pushed it so low it might have gone into the ground.

She said that she wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary lost to admitted socialist and everybody’s least favorite crazy uncle Bernie Sanders in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Substitute host Jonathan Karl noted that he hasn’t seen the level of enthusiasm that he witnessed among Bernie Sanders supporters at campaign events for any other candidate, Democrat or Republican. Then, he threw it over to Cardona.

“The media thought this was going to be a coronation,” she said. “The Clinton camp has never thought this was going to be a coronation, and that’s why she is fighting to earn every single vote.”

“Look, Bernie is from a neighboring state,” Cardona continued. “We shouldn’t be surprised that there is so much enthusiasm for him. And, in fact, we shouldn’t be surprised if he does very well in New Hampshire or in Iowa, and perhaps even wins.”

Yeah, we should be surprised.

And Hillary should be afraid. Very afraid.

Check out the video above.