Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Even More Proof Hillary Clinton is Losing Her Marbles…

Once again, Democrat presidential nominee is caught in a lie promising voters things that she will not deliver, and there is information from her own record that proves it.

Clinton says that she will create 10 million new jobs. As Matt Palumbo pointed out at Allenbwest.com, Clinton has not only never created a private sector job, her own record proves she is incapable of creating anywhere near the amount of jobs that she’s promising.

While campaigning to represent New York in the U.S. Senate, Clinton promised 200,000 jobs upstate. Once Clinton was elected, however, she did not come through.

The Washington Post reported:

Nearly eight years after Clinton’s Senate exit, there is little evidence that her economic development programs had a substantial impact on upstate employment. Despite Clinton’s efforts, upstate job growth stagnated overall during her tenure, with manufacturing jobs plunging nearly 25 percent, according to jobs data.

The former first lady was unable to pass the big-ticket legislation she introduced to benefit the upstate economy. She turned to smaller-scale projects, but some of those fell flat after initial glowing headlines, a Washington Post review shows. Many promised jobs never materialized and others migrated to other states as she turned to her first presidential run, said former officials who worked with her in New York.

Clinton’s self-styled role as economic promoter also showcases an operating style that has come to define the political and money-making machine known to some critics of the former first couple as Clinton Inc. Some of her pet economic projects involved loyal campaign contributors, who also supported the Clinton Foundation, The Post review shows.

The next quote is from David Shaffer, former president of the Albany-based Public Policy Institute, which compiles New York jobs data, is particularly telling as it relates to Clinton’s lack of economic understanding. Shaffer is responding to the 200,000 jobs promise Clinton failed to deliver on:

 “As soon as I heard that, I thought, ‘Okay, some D.C. consultant sat around with focus groups to figure out what would sound good. You wouldn’t make a promise like that if you had seriously looked into it,” Shaffer said.

Shaffer’s statement shows that Clinton will say anything to get elected, but more importantly that she is incredibly inept.

Palumbo noted that, in contrast, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has created at least 34,000 jobs.

Clinton promised 200,000 jobs that she did not deliver on, so why not promise 10 million jobs despite her background and policies showing she is not capable of keeping said promise?