Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

What Just Happened at Trump & Hillary Rallies PROVES Pro-Hillary Polls Are Dead Wrong

The mainstream media and Clinton camp have one job over the next couple of months, which is to get as many people possible to believe the hype that Hillary Clinton is the favored candidate sitting high on top of the polls. Unfortunately, the opposite is true.

In fact, one need only look at the Trump and Clinton rallies to see who is bringing in the most support.

While Trump rallies are usually sold out, Clinton is doing well to draw a crowd of a decent size.

The polls showing Clinton is ahead of Trump don’t mean much when you look at the facts.

Just recently, in Daytona Beach, Florida, thousands waited to hear Trump speak.

The venue was packed inside.

Meanwhile, Democrat Hillary Clinton was having trouble just trying to fill a high school gymnasium.

These images reveal what the media doesn’t want to get out – Trump has many more supporters who are willing to wait in line and hear him speak.

Now, more than ever, Clinton’s credibility hangs in the balance. While the FBI may not have recommended that any formal charges be brought against Clinton, it did not clear her of any wrongdoing. In fact, FBI Director James Comey did the opposite when he told the American public Clinton acted carelessly.

Voters are fully aware that Clinton lied about the emails and they know she lied to the public about Benghazi. In fact, Clinton has lied about all sorts of things both big and small.

With this knowledge, how in the world can voters ever trust her? The answer is they can’t, and it seems that many of them don’t anymore.