Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

This Poll of Republicans is Big Trouble for Donald Trump!!

Despite the fact that Trump is getting majority of support from Republicans, a new poll says that they would prefer someone else! It isn’t a small part of GOPers either, but a majority.

From Politico:

Less than half — 45 percent — of Republican voters say they are satisfied with Donald Trump as their party’s presidential nominee, according to the latest results from an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Monday.

Another 52 percent said they would have preferred someone else as the GOP standard bearer, while the levels of satisfaction are reversed among Democratic voters, 52 percent of which said they are satisfied with Hillary Clinton as their party’s nominee in November.

The results break down ideological and educational lines.

Among conservative Republicans, 53 percent said they would have preferred a candidate other than Trump, while 45 percent of that group said they are fine with the Manhattan real-estate mogul as the nominee. Moderate Republicans split at 49 percent each, while 58 percent of Republicans who have a high-school education or less said they are satisfied. Sixty percent with a college degree said they would like someone else.

What do you think? Do you think Trump will overcome the dissatisfaction of Republicans with his campaign?


  • Janine Fontaine-Denardo

    the rep should support Trump no matter what even if they dont like him Killary will be a lot worst as president get off your stupid ass you and support Trump how stupid you guys are to let this corrupt lying heartless murderer win wake the f*** up

    • Greg Kells

      You can’t even write a coherent statement, of course you support Trump. Those of us who value liberty, free markets, small government and constitutional principles will NEVER vote for Trump. Gary Johnson is already on every ballot and will be in the debates. He is the ONLY candidate even worth considering. If its a choice between Hillary or Trump, its not a chpice at all. Both are completely unacceptble. A vote foe the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil.

  • AJF

    Nobody can be worse than Hillary. Stop the bullspit and support him. The Countys’ survival is hanging by a thread. We don’t have time for your BS.

    • Greg Kells

      If thats the best argument you can come up with, we may as well vote Nobody 2016! As it is, there is another choice amd its far better than either mainstream candidate. GARY JOHNSON 2016!

  • Stevr Winters

    The polls are all Bullcrap .1st off they poll Less than 1000 people from God knows Where and that represents 300 million of the rest of America.? 2nd…the polls said Trump didn’t have a prayer against the other 16 Republican Candidates …who’s got egg on their face now? not Trump? Believe it ,the sarcastic ,cynical Arrogant Left is scared to death of Trump and they are throwing everything,inclufing the kitchen sink at him!